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Completed Projects

Campus Safety Project (2014)

Public Safety and Facilities Management have been working diligently to ensure your safety on campus. Shelter Area signage has been installed in the corridors and decals have been placed on room signs designating the spaces as shelter areas during a tornado. Additionally, a number of new Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units have been installed throughout the campus, 13 AED units are now publicly available for use in an emergency. The units are easy to access and use. The location of each of the units is displayed on our campus map found on the Delta College home page under Maps and Directions. Shelter area and evacuation maps can be found in each classroom and in designated conference rooms, corridors and entrances. 



Planetarium Lighting Upgrades (2014)

New LED lights have replaced the metal halide lights, the overhead lights in the lobby and conference room 110.  Sconces have also been installed in the theater aisles. The new LED lights will provide better lighting while reducing energy costs. In addition, the exterior canister lights have also be replaced with more efficient lighting components.




X-1 Building Renovation (2014)

This summer the X1 building, which houses equipment and offices related to grounds upkeep and maintenance was renovated. The building received a new roof, siding, and several electrical and mechanical upgrades. Additionally, the interior was completely redesigned with the conference room, break room, office and restrooms consolidated to one section of the building, providing more floor space to maintain and store equipment. All of the metal siding was recycled and the new insulation will reduce energy consumption for both the heating and cooling of the building.





Planetarium Flooring Upgrades (2014)

The Terrazzo flooring in the lobby has been refinished; a total area of 3300 sq. ft., the tiling in the restrooms has been replaced and the carpeting in the Space Explorer's Hall and the gift shop was also replaced. All of the carpeting that was removed will be recycled and the new Interface carpeting is also a recycled product.




Midland Center Window Shades (2014)

New roller shades have been installed on the second floor at the Midland Center. Each window now has a fixed shade at the peak of the window and an adjustable roller shade to cover the remainder of the window. This enhancement will reduce energy costs by allowing the temperature in the room to be easily regulated and provide a more comfortable environment for students, faculty and staff.




ADA Platform Lift in Room S131 (2014)

A new ADA approved platform lift has been installed in music room S131 in the Fine Arts building. The new lift has a capacity of 750 lbs., can travel 72", and includes front and rear access.




West Courtyard Reconfiguration (2014)

The intent of the reconfiguration is to create an environment which fosters increased collaboration among faculty and staff in order to provide a seamless experience for students.





N Wing East & West Vestibule Renovation (2013)

Entrances on both sides of the Pioneer Gym have been renovated. Both the East and West entrances now include vestibules, creating an “air lock” that will help prevent air infiltration from the outside. The vestibules will allow for greater energy savings and added occupancy comfort. They will help regulate the interior building temperature and decrease heating and air conditioning loads.




Wireless Network Upgrade (2013)

The Wireless Network Upgrade project has been completed! Additional cabling has been installed throughout the main campus and at each of the satellite centers to provide better coverage in the buildings as well as in the courtyards and outside.




LLIC Carpeting Replacement (2013)

New carpet was installed throughout the library, with the exception of the office and stack areas.  A total of 2,140 square yards of carpeting was replaced and approximately 130 chairs were recovered.   





Coffee 'n More (2011)

The new Coffee 'n More is now open! Renovations on the coffee shop located in Founder’s Hall are now complete. The coffee shop has expanded to nearly double its previous size (215 sf to 425 sf) to provide better customer service. In addition all new energy efficient LED lighting has been installed.




Midland Center Lighting (2011)

Delta College received an incentive from the Consumers Energy Business Solutions Program to upgrade all of the lighting at the center. All of the lighting throughout the center has been replaced with more energy efficient fixtures and bulbs. In addition all switches have been upgraded and occupancy sensors installed.




Chiller Plant Upgrade (2011)







East Parking Lot Upgrades (2010)

The East Parking Lot upgrades have been completed. All new curbs and gutters have been installed and all the asphalt has been replaced. In addition, several green features have been added, including motorcycle parking, porous pavement, conduit for future electrical charging stations and all new energy efficient LED lighting.




C Wing Construction (2009)






If you have any comments or questions regarding projects on campus please contact Facilities at 989-686-9054 or

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