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Radiography Program Effectiveness Data

In the last five years, 58 graduates have taken the credentialing examination for the first time. Of those, 52 were successful on their first attempt for a 90% pass rate.

In the last five-years 56 graduates have actively sought employment. Of those, 50 have found jobs in radiography within six-months of graduation for an average employment rate of 89% for the last five-years.

We begin with 18 students each fall. Our program completion rates for the last five years are as follows:

  • 2012—13/18 graduating for 72% completion rate.
  • 2013—12/18 graduating for 67% completion rate.
  • 2014—10/18 graduating for 56% completion rate.
  • 2015—12/18 graduating for 67% completion rate.
  • 2016—13/18 graduating for 72% completion rate.


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