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Solar Power for Cottages and Homes

Solar power technology has made the transition from a thing of the future to a part of many of our everyday lives. Many of us are finding ourselves evaluating our homes and office spaces. It is quickly becoming a convenient way to power remote structures, such as garden sheds and barns. This introductory, single-session course will describe the basic aspects of “off-grid” solar power systems for providing power to locations away from utility (grid) power lines. The basic aspects of “grid-tied” solar power systems and supplementing conventional power provided by utilities to your home or small business will be discussed.

Topics of discussion will include:

  •    Basic types of solar power systems
  •    Solar resource in Michigan
  •    Functions of major components of solar power systems
  •    Basic procedures for system design
  •    Economics and environmental impact


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Cost: $49
Course Number: CVX-1003


Date: TBD
Time: TBD

Location: Delta College Main Campus

Instructor Spotlight

Currin Corporation, Midland, Michigan

Cedric G. Currin is the President of Currin Corporation, a for-profit firm developing and engineering solar-electric (photovoltaic) systems and applications. Currin Corporation is primarily dedicated to independent stand-alone photovoltaic systems for remote lighting, water pumping, and other specialized applications.

Currin received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1952 and Master of Science degree in 1955 in electrical engineering from Iowa State University. He has a long history with Dow Corning laboratories developing silicones and silicon for the electrical and electronic industries. As R&D Energy Technology Manager, Currin prepared the first corporate assessments of solar energy opportunities for silicones and silicon.

Since 1985 Mr. Currin has developed solar power systems at several National Parks and National Forests in the Great Lakes region including Sleeping bear Dunes and Pictured Rocks national lakeshores. He also designed and participated in the startup of power systems for clinics in Nicaragua, Uganda and Haiti where lighting was installed in several remote churches and schools. Currin has consulted extensively in several technical fields and has authored or coauthored more than 25 articles and technical papers. He has made over 40 presentations on solar energy to schools, universities, and civic groups. Currin has been awarded 12 US patents, five relating to solar energy. He is a member of the International and American Solar Energy Societies, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.


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