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Mathematics Division
Prerequisite Waiver Process and Philosophy

The Delta College Mathematics Division believes that having the prerequisite knowledge for a course and proper placement is a very important first step toward success in a mathematics course. If, after taking or retaking COMPASS, you still feel that you have been misplaced, you will need to obtain a signed prerequisite waiver from the Mathematics Division Office.

Prerequisite waivers*: To waive the mandatory placement score prerequisites of any mathematics class below the MTH 120 level to enter a math class above student performed COMPASS placement, a prerequisite waiver form must be completed and signed by the Mathematics Division Office.

We do not believe that appropriate placement can always be determined by a single test score or piece of information. Therefore, we offer the opportunity for consultation with the Mathematics Division Office regarding placement where a more complete profile of your mathematical abilities can be examined. The following indicators may be considered to determine the most appropriate placement: 

  • Score and demonstrated skill on a division pretest for your desired course
  • High school mathematics experience and college transfer credits
  • ACT mathematics and reading scores
  • Review of less-quantifiable measures such as motivation, other personal obligations, educational, career and personal goals, or others you feel are relevant

The Mathematics Division will require evidence of demonstrated prerequisite knowledge before a prerequisite waiver is signed. Contact the Math Office, G-211, at 686.9180 or to schedule your consultation.

    1. Bring all relevant paperwork and scores from previous math and testing experiences.
    2. Prepare to spend thirty to forty minutes on the required division pretest.
    3. Do not wait until the last day of registration to obtain your consultation.

* Prerequisite waivers needed for program requirements must be obtained from the division in which the program is housed.

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