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Possible Dream Program

Broadening Horizons

"The Possible Dream program has really showed me the wide range of options I have and has also gotten me to overcome my shyness around people. I've made a lot of amazing friends. The Possible Dream program has influenced me to keep trying to accomplish my goals."

Eleanor M.
St. Charles High School

History & Mission

The idea for the Delta College Possible Dream Program arose from the actions of a New York philanthropist who sought to encourage a class of Harlem sixth graders to complete high school and attend college. The Harlem program was quite successful with over 90 percent of those students attending college. One key to that success was the recognition by the students that attending college was a possibility.

In 1991, the Delta College Foundation established the Possible Dream Program. It was developed to encourage students to stay in school and realize that a college education is possible. In 1992, the program began with its first group 45 inductees and has since expanded to over 370 students currently in the program. About 100 new students from Midland, Bay, and Saginaw counties will enter the program each year.

Our Goal

The Possible Dream represents an introduction of students to the possibility of attending college through enrichment and multicultural educational activities. By introducing the program to students in middle school and continuing to offer them educational opportunities through 12th grade, we hope they will complete high school and see college as an achievable goal. We believe the enrichment activities will help keep these students enthusiastic about learning and that they will be successful in middle school and high school as they prepare to begin college.

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