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Public Safety

Adverse Weather Policy

Adverse weather may affect the regular operations of Delta College. Recognizing its responsibility to students and the community, the College will close when it appears that the interests of all concerned will be best served by doing so.

The decision to close the College will be made by the President or designee, in consultation with the Facilities Director, the Vice President of Instruction and Learning Services, and others as appropriate, based on the following criteria:

  1. The current condition of main roads leading to the campus
  2. Weather reports regarding the track of the storm and other conditions
  3. The condition of drives and parking on the campus
  4. The condition of heat and other utilities on campus

Maximum effort will be made to decide on closing the college, if necessary, prior to 6am for day classes, and prior to 3:30pm for evening classes.

Students, faculty and staff travel from a broad geographic area making it impossible to come to a decision that is appropriate for everyone, since weather conditions are rarely uniform across the area. A conscientious effort is made to arrive at a reasonable decision considering all the factors.

The College encourages safe driving practices and avoidance of unnecessary risks in traveling to work or classes. It is each driver’s responsibility to decide whether to travel to the College, based on road conditions driving skills and vehicle conditions.

If a delayed opening is announced, all classes starting before the announced time are cancelled; classes starting at or after the announced time meet as scheduled. Offices open at the announced time.

In the event of an early school closing, the classes in progress will be dismissed at the time of closure.

Those students involved in clinical or coop work experiences should consult their class syllabus for additional information on the effect of school closures on their commitments.

Closing Off-Campus Centers/Sites Due to Adverse Situations

When the main campus of Delta College is closed, all off-campus centers and sites are closed as well.

Additional Information

In the event that the College must make any adjustment to its normal operation, please refer to the following suggestions:

  • Sign up for emergency alerts via text or email.
  • Go to the Delta College website at
  • If you do not have computer access, tune in to Delta College Quality Public Broadcasting, Q-TV, or Q-90.1 FM. You can also call the Delta College Information Line at (989) 686-9179.
  • Major commercial radio and television stations will also be notified.

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