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Public Safety

Bomb Threat

Emergency Contacts

  • Department of Public Safety 9111
  • If Public Safety cannot be reached 911
  1. If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb on campus DO NOT handle the object. Clear the area and immediately call the Department of Public Safety at ext. 9111.
  2. Any person receiving a phone call bomb threat should ask the caller:
    • When is the bomb going to explode?
    • Where is the bomb located?
    • What kind of bomb is it?
    • What does it look like?
    • Why did you place the bomb?
  3. Keep talking to the caller as long as possible and record the following:
    • Time of call.
    • Age and sex of caller.
    • Speech pattern, accent, possible nationality, etc.
    • Emotional state of the caller
    • Background noise.
  4. Immediately notify Public Safety, ext. 9111. Report the incident. DO NOT use two-way radios or cell phones.
  5. Public Safety officers will conduct a detailed bomb search. Employees are required to make a cursory inspection of their area for suspicious objects and to report the location to the Department of Public Safety. DO NOT touch the object. Do not open drawers, cabinets, or turn lights on and off.
  6. If an emergency exists activate the building alarm.
  7. When the building evacuation alarm is sounded walk to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same.
  8. Assist the handicapped in exiting the building. Remember that the elevators are reserved for the handicapped person’s use. DO NOT use elevators in case of fire. DO NOT panic.
  9. Once outside move to a clear area at least 500 feet away from the building/s. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.
  10. If requested, assist emergency crews as necessary.
  11. DO NOT return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by a College official.


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