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State of Michigan Builder's Licenses
Approved Classes

Residential Builders, Maintenance and Alteration Contractors required state license(s): A residential builders or maintenance and alteration contractors license is required when engaged in the construction, repair, alteration, addition, or improvement of a residential or combination residential and commercial structure. Contact the Department of Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Commercial Services at (517) 241-9288 or visit

Listed below are approved Pre-Licensure Courses for Residential Builders, Residential Maintenance and Alteration Contractors.

State of Michigan Course Number

Course Name

Delta College Course Number

Delta College
Course Name



Construction Materials
Design & Building Science 6 hours
Michigan Residential Code 3 hours

ARC 101

Materials and Methods of Construction



Construction Safety
Michigan Construction Safety Standards

6 hours
Electives 6 hours

RC 108

Construction Safety



Estimating Building Construction
Business Management, Estimating & Job Costing 6 hours
Marketing & Sales 6 hours
Electives 24 hours

ARC 204

Estimating Building Construction



Construction Contracting Rules & Regulations
Business Management, Estimating & Job Costing 3 hours
Contracts, Liability, and Risk Management

6 hours
Project Management and Scheduling 6 hours
Michigan Residential Code 6 hours
Michigan Construction Safety Standards

6 hours
Electives 9 hours

RC 200

Construction Contracting Rules and Regulations


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