Financial Aid Appeals

Students not maintaining Standards of Academic Progress will receive notification of financial aid denial from the Financial Aid Office. Students denied financial aid for this reason will have the opportunity to appeal for future financial aid. Circumstances beyond the reasonable control of students that impacted academic progress must be documented; such as injury or illness, death of a family member or other special situations.

The Financial Aid Appeal Form must be completed by the student and submitted to the Financial Aid Office. You can download a PDF form or access it from the Required Documents section of your Financial Aid Self-Service account page or in the Financial Aid Office. Appeal requests Incomplete appeals without supporting documentation may be denied. Appeals are reviewed by an appeals committee and a decision is sent via Delta College email account.

    • Fall Semester – Appeal will be accepted through the first week of the semester
    • Winter Semester – Appeal will be accepted through the first week of the semester
    • Spring Semester – Appeal will be accepted through the first week of the semester

Students with approved appeals will be placed on probation and will receive a semester of aid, and must only enroll in approved academic plan courses. While on probation, students must also complete all courses with grades of C (2.0) or better.  Grades of W, WI, I or NC are not acceptable for probation conditions.

At the end of the semester, academic progress will be reviewed and one of the following will occur:

    1. All probation conditions were met and financial aid eligibility will continue with an academic plan in place.
    2. Academic status is once again above the standards and the student is no longer on probation or following a mandatory academic plan. Financial aid eligibility will continue.
    3. The conditions of probation were not met and future financial aid will be canceled. Students are responsible for paying any balance owed or dropping classes if necessary .

Students with denied appeals may submit a second appeal request.  A Second Financial Aid Appeal Form must contain additional information and/or documentation that was not presented as part of the initial appeal, and will be reviewed by the Director of Financial Aid. The second appeal decision will be sent via Delta College email account. This form may be downloaded from this page or accessed under Related forms or in the Financial Aid Office.

How to file an appeal

    1. Review all semesters that you attended Delta and have had to withdraw or have not passed successfully, including incomplete grades. Think about and be prepared to explain what reasons may have caused you to not be successful. If you are seeking multiple degrees, what is the rationale for continuing at a two year college?
      Visit Student Planning within Self Service to review your academic records.
    2. Meet with a Student Success Advisor to review your program of study and put an academic plan in place. This helps to ensure that you are following your degree path and can be successful. Please make sure that the advisor is aware that you are meeting with them because of a financial aid appeal.
    3. Complete the appeal form.
    4. Answer the two questions on the appeal form. Because you are explaining your situation in writing, please be as thorough and detailed as possible. Refer to your thoughts from Step 1. This helps the appeal committee establish the reasoning and timeline of the circumstances that caused a decline in your academic status.
      **If you disclose an incident of sexual misconduct or a pregnancy related illness, Delta College employees have an obligation and duty to report the information to the Title IX Coordinator for follow-up and/or possible investigation. For more information on Title IX, please access the Equity Office Title IX website. If you would like to speak confidentially to a counselor for support, please contact Delta’s Counseling Office at, 989-686-9330, or visit Office D102 on the main campus.
    5. Gather and upload documentation to the appeal form to support your appeal and the reasoning for your academic status. The documentation should align with the dates of the semesters that you were not successful.
      Examples of documentation, but not limited to:
        • Court documents
        • Police Reports
        • Note from Physician or healthcare personnel
        • Note from lawyer
        • Birth/Death Certificate
        • Official Records
        • Other considerations: letters of support from a pastor, teacher, counselor, or other source. Any academic achievement since last being in school, if obtained through another school, training through an employer, or in the community.
    6. Submit your completed appeal and supporting documentation within the timelines specified on the form. Incomplete appeals will be denied. Please call us at 989-686-9080 or email us at if you have any questions.

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