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Reverse Transfer

Sometimes students transfer before earning their associate's degree. With reverse transfer you can transfer back bachelor degree courses to get your Delta College degree. Get the degree to show your accomplishments.  Go ahead, you earned it!

Graduate at commencement ceremony

What steps do I take to begin the process?

  1. Complete the Reverse Transfer form from the four-year institution you attended.
  2. If they have a reverse transfer agreement with Delta College, they'll send us your transcript for review.
  3. You will receive a letter from Delta College once we receive the paperwork from your university letting you know the status of your graduation audit.
  4. You must meet all requirements of the reverse transfer agreement and Delta College graduation.
  5.  If requirements are met, we will mail you your diploma. 
What if my university isn't a partner listed below?

You can still request that your university transcript be sent to Delta College for a transfer credit review. You then have the option to apply for graduation. If you haven't been enrolled in the last two years you will need to reactive your account first. 



We have reverse transfer agreements with several Michigan universities to make the process easy. Of course, the courses must be evaluated to meet program requirements.