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Ready to see some great art by some amazing contemporary professional artists? We were too. So that's what we feature at the Galleria. 

Randy Crawford Installation

Located in the lobby of the S Wing, the Galleria adds a breathe of fresh air to the every day at Delta. Featuring an array of different types of art, from painting and ceramics to textiles and mixed media, the Galleria is a great way to pass time between classes and get a little culture along the way. 

You might even find yourself meeting a featured artist, be drawn to take an art class yourself and discover a new passion. 

Current exhibit

Visiting Artist Exhibition & Workshop Series

Bonnie Lalley – The Dream World of Ennob Kinomyzs

“I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan in 1958. At the age of 15 my
parents decamped with the younger half of our large family and moved to an ancient farmhouse on 200 acres in a remote nor thern Michigan region. This was a formative time and because of this immersion in the natural world I became a maker and a biophile. The natural world informs all of my work today.

I went to ar t school which was Kendall School of Ar t in 1976 and finished up my degree with an M.F.A from the University of Illinois in 1988. Since my formal education I have been living on a smallholding in the American Midwest, all the while engaged with plants, animals, family and ar t-making.”

What's next at the Galleria?

Gallery Art

You will find works of art by current students, past students, Delta faculty and local artists in the Galleria. 

2023 Exhibition Schedule

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  • Gallery Art
    Be Featured

    You could display your work at the annual Delta Art & Design Student exhibition. Every year, dozens of students are chosen. Become of them by considering a Delta College art class. Explore the possibilities.