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Career Services for Employers

Are you interested in hiring a Delta grad? Do you want to get involved with Delta students or be a part of on-campus activities? Delta works with employers to help them hire students and develop the local talent pipeline.  We work hard to give you access to a highly-skilled workforce. 

Talent Pipeline Consultations are available

The Delta College Career Development staff is here for you and committed to your talent pipeline success. Whether it is an online chat, a phone call, or just a series of emails, our team is committed to helping you navigate our services to best fit your needs.

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Employers from all over the state come to us for qualified employees. They know Delta College delivers great employees that go above and beyond, are well trained and are knowledgeable in their field.

80% of the Delta grads from the last five years live and work in the Great Lakes Bay Area.

Hire a Pioneer

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    Looking for a great employee with a great education? 

    Our students and graduates are job-ready. By hiring a Pioneer, you keep skilled workers in our region, diversify your workforce with highly motivated employees and get fresh talent.

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    If you hire one of our graduates, please make sure to report back to us

Want to hire a recent grad?

Perfect! We have a job board that students, recent grads, soon-to-be grads, and community members can access to find local jobs that fit their expertise. We'd love to post yours!
Delta College uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service. The exclusive site can be accessed 24/7 at

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Post positions for free in just a few easy steps. Create an account, log in, post jobs, sign up for on-campus recruiting events, job fairs, review candidates, and report hires – anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Job Boards

Job opportunities from employers are posted daily located in high traffic hallways on campus, classrooms, as well as the boards located in Career Development and off-campus centers.

Job Sharing

Employment opportunities are also shared daily with faculty and staff of targeted academic programs that align with employers hiring needs, as well as current student and alumni are targeted and sent communications. 


Job posting guidelines

As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), we believe in meeting the strong ethical standards set up in NACE’s Principles for Professional Practice. So, In an effort to ensure equitable and consistent service, employers must meet the following guidelines to post in the Pioneer Jobs database:

  • The employer must be affiliated with a profit corporation or non-profit agency.
  • The position must be paid at least minimum wage, with the exception of an un-paid internship.
  • Employees must receive a W-2 or 1099.
  • The company cannot charge a fee to potential applicants.
  • No personal posting will be allowed.
  • No direct marketing or pyramid based “positions” will be posted.
  • The employer must utilize non- discriminatory and fair hiring and practices as identified by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the above NACE Principles.

Delta College Career Development reserves the right to remove any posting not deemed to meet these posting standards.

Work Based Learning

Hiring students through internships and cooperative education programs can develop your talent pipeline and give you access to highly-skilled workers at lower wages. Work-based learning benefits students, businesses, and the community. Any business – no matter how large or small – can benefit from engaging students in these types of learning opportunities. Work-based learning comes in a variety of forms and can be short or long-term in nature.


Have a great employee that you want to support as they develop their trade? Skilled Trades at Delta are designed in partnership with local industry leaders to provide top-notch training to great employees. We'll help you create customized education plans so in the end, your employee gains the skills and knowledge you need them to have for your business, and they learn a trade.


Co-op opportunities

Students can get their degree while they work for you through cooperative education programs. Students that learn on the job and in the classroom have the most knowledge and the most experience  when they graduate.


Educator externship (MSME)

The Math and Science Manufacturing Experience (MSME) is designed to bring modern manufacturing businesses and middle and high school STEM educators together in an exciting internship program.

Learn more about MSME


Internships provide students with on-the-job training in the field of their career interests. Internships for college students usually last 2–4 months and often take place during the summer. These pre-professional experiences provide an opportunity for students to gain relevant knowledge and skills prior to starting their career. 

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Job shadow

Job shadowing is a great way for undecided students to learn more about a potential career field. Delta College Career Development maintains a directory of professionals willing to help students with career exploration by making themselves available for information interviewing and job shadowing. A few of the many benefits to mentoring a Pioneer is to connect with our student talent, support career exploration, develop an awareness of in-demand jobs within your industry and promote your company’s culture and brand.

Become a part of the Pioneer Job Shadow Program

Talent tours

Company tours allow students, faculty and staff to see what it’s really like inside a workplace. Usually lasting one to three hours, tours are conducted for groups of people by a staff member. Students typically want to see the types of equipment and machinery that people at your company use, and many offer demonstrations or activities for students to try the work directly. Tours offer a great way to see a work environment in action.

Schedule a tour

Campus Involvement

Business and education partnerships are critical to bridging the gap between employers’ expectations and colleges’ preparation to help youth and adults enter the workforce with industry-vetted, career-ready skills. Active partnerships between employers and community colleges involve a range of activities in starting up, implementing, and sustaining effective workforce training programs.

Employer campus involvement can help you:

  • Understand best practices for a variety of experiences
  • Clarify your goals
  • Determine what you want the students to learn
  • Make the experience engaging for students
  • Leverage resources
  • Build partnerships 
Advisory committees

Advisory committees provide an important link between Delta College and the work world. They assess how the program meets the current occupational needs of employers, make recommendations on program curriculum and equipment and provide input to help prepare students for work in their chosen field.

Get involved on campus

Career Pathways

Delta College hosts a Career Pathways event every year to bring together high school students and career professionals for an opportunity to ask questions and get advice on their career decisions.

Sign up as a Career Pathways Professional

Competition judges

Many employers encourage their employees to participate in school competitions. As a competition judge, you will have the opportunity to evaluate student efforts and projects. Events like the Middle School Math Competition and the Student Technical Solutions Competition are all held annually at Delta College.


Guest speaking

Speaking to a group of students and teachers about your career, training, skills or about general business topics can be a great first step in getting to know your local community. As a guest speaker, you will travel to local classrooms and school events to inform the future workforce about careers and discuss what your company is looking for in qualified candidates.


Informational interviews

Informational interviews provide an opportunity for students to participate in actual interviews with community representatives and to receive feedback regarding their interview skills. During the interview you will conduct one-on-one interviews with a student preparing to enter the workforce or learning more about the interview/hiring process. When the interview is over, you will be asked to complete a checklist for each of the students you interview and provide verbal feedback. The student and instructors will have an opportunity to review this checklist in order to identify strengths and areas which may need attention.


Job fairs

By selecting to participate in job fairs, you can gather with other local companies to recruit and screen applicants for job openings and future job openings in your company. You will be contacted in advance of local career fairs to request your participation. You can participate by hosting a booth or by meeting with small groups of students and job seekers as they explore their career options.


Single company recruiting events

A single company career event is a job-related event offered by a specific company to help students learn more about careers within that company. For example, a company may conduct its own exclusive job fair on campus instead of participating in a larger job fair attended by many organizations.

Employers are encouraged to sign up early for your recruiting dates. Please schedule your visit at least one to two weeks prior to your preferred visit date.

On-campus recruiting is held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am – 1pm.

Scheduled recruiting is done in the main hallways.

A parking permit and a map will be sent to you after your visit has been scheduled.

Request An On Campus Event

Strategic Talent Development

When everyone is going after the same talent, supply is bound to be scarce. Doing things the same old way may not be enough and you’ll need to go beyond traditional approaches. These alternatives aren’t just about instantly hiring the most in-demand talent. Rather than reactive recruiting, these strategies reflect a proactive, long-term plan to expand your talent pipeline and increase your access to otherwise scarce candidates. Companies have to get creative with their talent pipeline – sourcing differently, assessing differently, and hiring differently. In doing so, you open your company up to a wider, richer talent pool and redefine what it means to build successful teams.

Performance management

Healthy, high performing organizations use performance consulting to become more efficient and gain a competitive edge. Delta College Corporate Services provides workforce needs analysis to determine the benchmarks needed for greater individual, team and organization performance.

LEARN MORE ABOUT Performance Management


Companies and individuals can choose to provide financial support for students to continue their education by setting up a scholarship fund.

Establish a Scholarship

Tuition assistance and support programs

Your employees work hard and know your industry well. Now, you want to help them obtain a degree to prove it. We can help you with that. There are several incentives for your company to offer tuition assistance. Like any benefit, it helps attract and retain the best employees. Relevant coursework can also up-skill your current workforce, strengthening your company. Implementation of a program varies greatly from company to company. Some reimburse for any educational classes and others only cover tuition costs for approved classes. Companies may require a certain grade or GPA to qualify for or that employees remain with the company for a set period of time following the reimbursement. Some companies may cover the costs associated with classes, such as tuition, fees, textbooks and travel.

Start a tuition assistance program


The Employer Talent Pipeline is a direct result of the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Impact Initiative. The key outcomes include creating more partnerships for students to get on-the-job experience with local employers through internship, co-op and other experiential learning opportunities and working with employers to support continuous demand forecasting to training providers. Because of Delta's strong connections to the business community, we are a natural link to provide the workforce pipeline of tomorrow.

Check out the Employer Work-based Learning Tool Kit and other resources at

SUCCESS TIP:  Spread the word

Maximize your time on campus by spreading the word that you’ll be here. Use your social media channels to post on your website, share on LinkedIn and check in on Facebook. Feel free to book time to meet with any of Delta’s staff while you’re here.

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More than 60,000 students have graduated from Delta College with a degree or certificate.


80% of Delta grads from the last five years live and work in the Great Lakes Bay Region. 

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Delta's co-op program has over 150 students working in the area and gaining valuable, hands-on experience. 

"All I need to do is make a phone call and the Career Services team does the rest. Hiring in our industry can be a task. But, by working with Delta, it's much easier."

Scott Monville
Escon Group, Bay City