Using Accommodations

Each semester, the Notification to Instructor Release Form (NTI) should be completed. This indicates that you would like to use your accommodations in your courses, and it notifies your instructors of your accommodations. It does not give details about your disability. 

Students are encouraged to discuss with their instructors how they will be using their accommodations in each class, especially regarding testing arrangements. 



Etextbook/Electronic Format

The etextbook/electronic format request form should be completed as soon as possible if your accommodation includes etextbook format. Textbooks sometimes take several weeks to receive, so be sure to submit the requests as early as possible. 

Interpreting or captioning services

Interpreter/caption request form should be completed as soon as possible if you require interpreting or captioning services for your courses. Finding providers for these service can take some time, so be sure to submit the requests as early as possible.

If you will not be in class, please notify the Office of Disability Resources so that it can inform the service providers.

Note taking services

Please contact the Office of Disability Resources as soon as you establish your class schedule so that it can begin the search process. Finding and hiring appropriate note takers for courses can take some time. Requests not made in a timely fashion, at least three weeks prior to the start of classes, may result in a delay in receiving services.

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