Temporary Accommodations

The Office of Disability Resources is able to provide reasonable accommodations and support for students who may experience acute medical events or temporary conditions that impact their ability to participate in or attend registered classes in some capacity for a short period of time.    

Acute medical event/temporary conditions include, but are not limited to:

    • Testing positive for COVID-19
    • Concussions
    • Surgeries or procedures with shorter-length recoveries (a short recovery period is considered 2 weeks or less)
    • In-patient hospitalizations
    • Injuries
    • Serious illness such as mono

What does ODR need from the student?

In order for ODR to send accommodations to the students instructors for an acute medical/temporary event, we will need specific documentation from a licensed medical/healthcare provider.

The documentation will need to include:

    • The diagnosis/reason for accommodations request
    • The date the student was seen
    • The date the event began
    • The date the student is able to return to class or regular activity
    • Any limitations or restrictions

After we receive and review the student’s documentation, the ODR will send an email to the instructors regarding the acute medical event once accommodations are approved. We will inform instructors of the date the event begins and the date the student can return to class or regular activity.

All dates covered under the acute medical event will be excused and students will be allowed grace in making up missed work that has accrued during their window of accommodations. We will notify of any restrictions or limitations, if applicable. Any updates or changes will be notified to faculty as well.

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