Using Etextbooks

You will need to submit a request for an etextbook/electronic format if you have an accommodation to receive this type of service. 

Please note the following when requesting this service: 

    • Etextbooks sometimes take several weeks to receive, so be sure to submit the requests as early as possible. 
    • A copy of your receipt for your books is required when you pick up your etextbooks. 
    • Text files from the publishers are provided on a USB Drive, which will be available for you to pick up from the Office of Disability Resources.
    • Text files can be read outloud using text to speech software.  


How to use your etextbook files

ODR distributes etextbook files so they can be used with text to speech software. Natural Reader is a free, easy to use software that can read text such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF, txt, doc(x), pages, ods, odt, and non-DRM epub files.  Other options include Google Chrome, which has a screen reader extension; Adobe Reader, which has a free software download; or you can use the text to speech software built into a Mac.  

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