Audit Option

Auditing a course means that you receive no academic credit for it, and you are not responsible for tests or homework.

Auditing can be a great option if you feel you don't have enough time to enroll in all of the courses that interest you, or if you are struggling to decide on a degree or program to pursue. Community members sometimes audit a class merely for enjoyment, including purposes of self-enrichment and academic exploration, with no need or desire of academic credit.

Auditing a course

When you enroll in courses on an audit basis, a grade of "X" will be recorded on your permanent record if the general requirements of auditing are fulfilled. No credit will be earned.

Tuition and fees are the same as for regular credit courses and a student number is required. Instructor audit objectives must be fulfilled. Courses taken on an audit basis are not applicable toward fulfillment of associate degree or certificate requirements. Once you elect to audit a course, the audit may not be converted to credit. For courses that meet one week or less, contact the Registrar's Office for the deadline.

Audited courses do not count in determining student eligibility for financial aid. If you are receiving financial aid, you should contact the Financial Aid Office before changing a course from academic credit status to audit status. Audit grades will not be used in determining academic load for veterans' certification. Contact the Veteran's Office for more information.

Audited courses are not covered under the Tuition Waiver Agreement.

Process and guidelines

An online Audit Grade Option request must be completed no later than the end of the Delta College official refund period. After that date, no courses may be converted from credit to audit. Once the audit option has been selected the course cannot be changed back to a letter grade. 

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