Pass/No Credit Option

The pass/no credit (P/NC) grade option is available for several courses at Delta College. Students considering the P/NC option should work closely with their student success advisors to understand what pass/no-credit means for the individual course and how it may affect transfer credit, financial aid and admission to specific programs.

Guidelines for the pass/no credit option

A Pass, or P grade, equates to a grade of C or better. A No Credit, or NC grade, equates to a C- or lower grade. Grades of P and NC are not part of a student’s GPA calculation. 

If you are interested in this grading option, instead of the A - F grading system, declare this choice at registration or before 80 percent of the course has been completed. The deadline to submit a pass/no-credit request is also the last date to drop the course. You must complete an online Pass/No Credit form and indicate that it is a request in the drop down field.  

Grades on the P/NC system are not included in computing the semester or cumulative point average.

    • In the case of a grade of P, credit is granted and represents performance at or above the C level. 
    • In the case of a grade of NC, no credit is granted and represents performance at or below the C- level.
    • You may not apply more than a total of 12 credits of P/NC course work toward Delta graduation requirements.
    • Enrollment on a P/NC basis is recorded with the Registrar's Office. No indication of your P/NC status will be communicated to a faculty member by any office.
    • A letter grade will be on file in the Registrar's Office, but only P or NC will appear on your transcript.
    • Course prerequisites and other criteria for enrolling in any course shall be determined by the Department or Division offering the course and apply equally to both the traditional and the P/NC grading systems.
    • If you are planning to transfer, you should first check with your student success advisor or intended transfer institution regarding the acceptance of the P/NC grade option for specific courses by the transfer institution.

It is expected that you complete the semester in which you request the pass/no-credit grading option. Not completing the course(s) that you request the pass/no credit grading option could result in you being dropped from the course(s) and receiving no credit for the course.

Not all courses are eligible for pass/no-credit. Before submitting a pass/no-credit request you can check if your course is included in the pass/no-credit Eligible Courses list. 

Pass / No Credit Eligible Courses

Important Semester Dates

Pass/no credit conversion

If you desire to have any grades converted from pass/no-credit to letter grades, you may do so by submitting a Pass/No Credit Form to the Registration Office no later than the end of the semester after the pass/no-credit grade was issued. On the form indicate that it is a conversion in the drop down field.


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