You've completed all the required courses for your certificate or associate's degree. Congratulations! This is no small accomplishment, given the time and dedication you have made to complete your career program or prepare yourself for further education.

Apply for graduation

To officially graduate and receive your diploma, you need to ask the registration office to verify that you've completed all the requirements of your program. This is called applying for graduation.

    • Any questions pertaining to the completion of the graduation application may be directed to your student success advisor.
    • Complete the electronic graduation application.  Incomplete or inaccurate applications will be returned to you, resulting in possible delays in processing and in awarding your degree.
    • The deadline to apply for graduation is three months prior to the month you intend to graduate. 

Apply for graduation

Transcripts, diplomas and certificates

Upon graduation and receipt of final grades, your degree or certificate and date of graduation will be posted on your transcript. You will receive a graduate copy of your transcript and your diploma or certificate approximately two weeks after degree completion. During peak times like April, August and December final processing may take additional time to complete. 

They are mailed to the address shown on record. If a change in address occurs, please contact the Registration Office.

Frequently asked questions

Once we receive your graduation application our office will review it and check to make sure you meet the program requirements. We will send you the results of this first audit to your Delta email. 
If your first audit indicates your application is pending, review the notes there were provided. This may mean we simply need to wait for courses to be completed before completing a final audit or you may have incomplete requirements. All Pending applications will receive a second (and final) audit in the week or two following the month you applied to graduate in.  

Sometimes students have may not meet a graduation requirement but have taken similar course work in the past, and will work with their Program Coordinator and Student Success Advisor to have course substitutions or waivers requested for their record. Once a formal request has been entered it is reviewed by all necessary parties before a decision is made.

If your audit email indicates your application is denied, review the notes that were provided. This may be an indication you applied for the wrong program or are missing too many requirements and there is not enough time to complete them by the date you requested to graduate.  You will need to reapply for graduation. We recommend contacting your Student Success Advisor if you have questions about  course planning or program details.
You can contact our office at to update your intended graduation date.
Delta hosts one commencement ceremony per year for all of our graduates. The ceremony is held after the completion of the winter semester. Additional details are made available on the Inside Delta Commencement page once finalized. 
Diplomas are mailed out to students in the month following their official graduation. We know sometimes students need a new or duplicate copy of their diploma though. Duplicate copies are $15 each which is to be paid to the Cashier's office. To request a replacement or duplicate copy of your diploma email


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