Credit by Portfolio

At Delta, your experience counts! You may earn academic credit for prior learning in many areas of study.

How it works

Credit by portfolio (PDF) is an individualized process where you submit a portfolio application, resume, personal manuscript and supporting documentation of your prior learning for faculty review and evaluation in courses you believe you have the knowledge, background and skills. It  is designed for students who have gained, through related work experience, learning that may be equivalent to content taught in college courses.  

A $60 per credit hour attempted fee is charged prior to portfolio materials being submitted to the appropriate academic division.

If you successfully complete a portfolio, the earned credits will be recorded on your transcript.  


Credit restrictions

Please be aware that the following restrictions may apply:

    1. These options are not available in all areas of study. It is designed for occupational programs.
    2. Credits earned through this program may not be transferable to other institutions. Check with your transfer institution before starting this process. Credit earned shows as "CR" for credit on your transcript, not a letter grade.
    3. A maximum of 38 semester hours of transfer/other credits may be applied toward a Delta College Associate degree. See Delta College Catalog "Associate Degree Requirements".
    4. Prior learning credits are not eligible for financial aid.
    5. You may only apply once for credit in the same course.

Additionally, students may receive Credit For Prior Learning by examination, which is administered through the Delta College Testing Center.

Course-specific instructions

Students wishing to apply for academic credit in CEP-101, Civic Engagement Practicum, please see the Guidelines for CEP-101 (PDF).

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