We offer a variety of workshops and webinars designed to help you be successful in your classes, balancing life, and simply to better navigate Delta College. Attend one or all. Want to suggest a topic? Just let us know.

Fall 2024 Workshops Coming Soon!

To register for a workshop,  log into Experience. Find the Upcoming Student Success Events card. Choose the event above you would like to attend. Click Register. Any virtual workshops will be hosted via Zoom. You will receive the link to your Delta email after registering for the workshop.

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Workshop Descriptions 

College 101

Learn more about College 101.

Happiness Interventions

In this workshop, we will discuss what happiness is and how to practice it in our lives.


Do you find yourself putting tasks and assignments off frequently? Procrastination can quickly turn into an issue if done frequently. Delta College is offering a student success workshop for Procrastination, that will go over how to manage your time in a more efficient way as well as some strategies on how to avoid procrastinating.


Have you ever ended up in a shipwreck of a relationship? Want to know more about what a healthy relationship looks like? Delta College is offering a student success workshop discussing how to navigate the waters of relationships, boundaries, and how to identify the signals you see along the way. The workshop will last about 45 minutes and will be virtual.


When we feel stressed, it is easy to stop doing things that refill our energy. Self-care is the active participation of activities that fulfill your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Delta College is offering a student success workshop for Self-Care. During this workshop, we discuss why self-care is important and how it is different for each person.

Stress and Anxiety

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious? Stress and anxiety often pop up when we least want them and it can be difficult to cope with the emotions they create. Delta College is offering a student success workshop for Stress and Anxiety that will go over different types of stress and anxiety, symptoms, and strategies to help you learn coping mechanisms.

Test Anxiety

Do you find yourself getting anxious when taking a test? Is it hard to focus while studying or taking an exam? If yes, you may be experiencing test anxiety. Delta College is offering a student success workshop for Test Anxiety that will go over what test anxiety is, what may trigger it, and strategies to help you succeed.

Time Management

Ever feel like there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done? Good time management skills benefit your overall well-being. This workshop will go over how to prioritize your time in a more efficient way and get things done may be even have time to relax.

What to Do with Feeling Blue

Do you struggle with feelings of sadness? Does depression affect your ability to attend class or go to work. This workshop will discuss Depression, Season Affect Disorder SAD, and how to cope with feeling blue.

Finding Your Life’s Work

Are you struggling with choosing a career? Have you changed your major several times? Do you know what field you would like to go into but not sure what job? Or do you know what you want to do but would like to confirm that you made the right choice? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this workshop is for you. The Personal Counseling Services staff will lead you through several activities designed to assist you in figuring out what career would be a good fit for you. 

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